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Our Four Favourite Coffee Shops in Dingle

5 Best Coffee Spots Dingle

Westport is one of the best places to visit for a staycation in the west of Ireland. This charming little town provides the best of both natural beauty & Irish culture between the many scenic locations nearby, and the thriving bars & restaurants in its heart!

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the food there… and so we’ve put together our five favourite places to get a burger in case you simply cannot decide where to go…

my boy blue

Recognised across the country as one of the nation’s best cafes – My Boy Blue was set up in 2017 by Dublin native Stephen Brennan & his partner, Amy O’Sullivan – a Dingle local.

My Boy Blue is known for its warm & welcoming atmosphere, its delicious treats and its incredible coffee.

My Boy Blue has been recognised by McKenna’s Guides Best in Ireland 2018 through to 2021, consistently being one of the best cafes in Ireland.

We highly recommend you get the ball rolling on your day in Dingle with a stop by here…

bean in dingle

Bean in Dingle is arguably the most recognisable coffee brand in the west of Ireland – due to its distinctive yellow cup which is often photographed with a stunning landscape in the background!

With a second location having opened in Killarney, you have no excuse not to try their elite coffee which is roasted in-house. 

Created by their own “Mr Bean” Justin – they provide some tasty snacks & accompaniments to their coffee, and you can even purchase their beans by the bag from their website.

Our verdict? A must for everybody visiting the kingdom…

STrand house cafe

Strand House is one of the main destinations for retail in Dingle, and so we love to sit back & relax with a hot cup of coffee after a big day’s shopping!

On top of the delicious coffee there is on offer, they also boast a large array of fresh and exciting food, capturing the essence of local produce, along with offering an extensive range of homemade foods, all baked in-house on a daily basis.

If you’re looking for a day out shopping the latest trends before rewarding yourself with a little treat – put Strand House on the list!

An cupán tae

An Cupán Tae is one of our favourite haunts in Dingle, as it is situated close to the Dingle Marina which is a location you must have on your list for visiting down in the Kingdom!

An Cupán Tae has delicious speciality iced coffees, ice teas or chai lattes on offer, and also has a range of Irish cuisine that is priced attractively for everybody to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to sit in or take away – these guys can tick every box for you.