The Most Mouthwatering of Chicken Wings in Galway…

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Let’s call a spade a spade and admit that it’s exceedingly hard to beat some juicy chicken wings, particularly when they’ve been smothered in a delicious sauce – whether it’s BBQ or Hot Sauce. And Galway just happens to be blessed with quite a few options. Here are our favourites…

1. The Cellar Bar

The Cellar’s chicken wings are nothing short of legendary. Their generous portion size, inimitable hot sauce & tender chicken means that these have a firm place in the hearts of Galway folk – and will be there forever.

2. Scotty’s Famous Burgers & Wings

For almost thirty years, Scotty has been serving the people of Galway with the most delicious of American-style food. And their wings are right up at the top across the country. With nine different sauces to choose from, you’re guaranteed to be left satisfied.

3. Harry’s

We absolutely LOVE Harry’s on Water Lane, as their menu is constantly bringing in the most mouthwatering of food & their wings are no exception. There’s no better feeling than sitting back in their bar with a plate of spicy wings & cold pint watching whatever major sports event is on on their huge screens!

4. Seven

It’s safe to say that ALL of Seven’s food has a well-deserved reputation for being delicious, but their wings are definitely one of their most popular options. There are sometimes specials ran on wings & a pint for sports, and when there is you’ll see the place packed out & tables overflowing with their amazing wings, which come with BBQ, hot sauce or a mix!

5. Chili Shack

The Chili Shack is a city-wide favourite for chili, burgers, hot dogs & wings. And we’ve got to say that we are major fans. Whether you like your wings hot & spicy, or plain like their Naked Wings – these are going to hit the spot and leave you smiling, counting down the hours until you return!

6. The Front Door

The Front Door is certainly a go-to for pints, but have you tried their food? We’re absolutely partial to their wings which are often on offer for match-days, along with a pint. Which leaves you no choice really…

7. The BurgerStory

The BurgerStory, located at the end of Quay Street, is renowned for its burgers. But those who go there often also know that they also produce some incredible wings that are an absolute necessity over a weekend. Can’t decide whether you want a burger or wings? These are your guys for both.

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