A truly heartwarming gesture from Galway hero Damien Comer.

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Damien Comer – what a man.

Not only are his actions inspirational on the pitch, they are just as heroic off it.

The GAA is all about bringing enjoyment to people’s lives – and this mans actions this week prove that this ethos is still well and truly alive in the organisation.

A young boy from Galway suffered a stroke earlier in the week and is currently recovering in Temple Street Hospital. This boy happened to be a mascot for the Galway football team and is always there supporting Damo and the team at their games throughout the year. However, this time it was Damo’s turn to return the favour, and of course he delivered. Comer recognised an infant in his time of need, and took it upon himself to make the journey across the country to visit his mascot in Temple Street. Damien chatted, took photographs, laughed, and no doubt gave some words of wisdom to the brave boy as he begins the recovery process. Gestures like this one can have such an impact in difficult situations, and as the photo beneath shows, this was undoubtedly the case for this young boy when he saw his hero walk through the doors of the ward to visit him.

When you hear a heartwarming story like this, it is impossible not to be proud of the society in which we live. Damien Comer has shown that he epitomises everything that is good about the GAA, and to say he represented the GAA community impeccably would be an understatement.

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